G8IFF/KC8NHF's T1 Autotuner Installation

Completed main tuner board.
The rear mounted components have been mounted on the top side. The thick black cable is the band sence gubbins.
The control panel.
The header pins replaced by ribbon cables and the switches replaced with panel mounting buttons.
The control panel mounted external to the radio in a small plastic box.
Power is got from the +9V rail in the radio. The spare wires on the right are for a yet to be fitted BHI DSP thingy.
Cables coming through a slot in the top panel.
The yellow blobby bit is the Elecraft band switching module, less connectors.
Connection of the tuner coax's to the PA board and antenna socket. Use the rear antenna socket for HF and the front socket for 6M and above.
The tuner board sits on a pad of thick spongy double sided tape.