G8IFF/M0NHF/KC8NHF's FT-817 Accessories

Very Cheap Morse Key

(It cost me absolutely nothing!)

My super iambic relaxed mode morse paddle. Made of scraps of wood, old PCB material and a set of relay contacts, it cost me absolutely nothing. How's that for a bargain?
Note the heavy duty bifurcated contacts for ultimate reliability and the tension adjusting saw cuts in the glass fibre PCB offcuts. The use of home made 3 core cable is mandatory.

Speech Processor

Prototype processor mounted on stripboard.
Plugs into mic socket, mic plugs into processor.
A smaller version mounted inside microphone.
I had to remove the steel weights and switch to get it in.
Here's the commercial version.
It's available from Barry at
(as are a host of other goodies for your FT-817!)

Unsolicited quote:
"I heard the W4RT OBP Speech Compressor on the air in a transcontinental A/B/C comparison under marginal noise conditions on 18MHz with the DF4ZS RF Clipper. The W4RT unit sounded louder in that comparison. They were both VERY MUCH LOUDER than the stock FT-817 microphone."
Bonnie KQ6XA
Circuit of prototype processors
SSM2166 Data Sheet


Circuit of my CAT/Audio cable